There is nothing more frustrating than being a student in a field that requires strong skill sets, and not having the opportunity to enhance and develop those skills.  This is my situation right now.  Call this a “mini rant” if you will, but I am seriously beyond annoyed by my clinical experience at the moment. In the 114 hours of ride time that I have done so far, I have only had a whopping total of 20 runs.  I realize I can’t make people get sick, and that there are days that every truck no matter what, will sit motionless at the station, but it seems like this is the status quo for me.  Normally, I would take great pride in being the White Cloud, and being able to toss up a 12 hour no hitter.  But dammit, I’m trying to learn here and it’s hard to do hands on skill building, when the only thing your hands are touching is the table in front of you at the station.  Please, someone tell me this will change.  Convince me that at some point, I am going to get the chance to start doing some hands on learning here.  My Sanity depends on it