Head rattling, blank stares, clouds of mist…those three things pretty much sum up the first two weeks of A&P for me.  True, it’s being condensed into an 8 week period so there is going to be more thrown at me every class, but wow.  There were two chapters that had me so flabbergasted that I remember telling my teacher my “head felt like it was going to explode”.  Cellular membranes, mitochondria, cellular respiration….what do all these have to do with starting an IV or pushing adenosine or morphine? 

I’m sure at some point, I will realize why it needs to be taught.  I’ll have my proverbial “AHA moment.”  As for right now though, I plan on trying to lose myself in memorizing the bones and muscles and various other systems of the body.  At least until Friday, because then it’s time for a weekend away to decompress and recharge the batteries.  Stay safe everyone.