Even though I am no longer an active member of the brotherhood, the next two days are ones that any of us hate to go through.  A fellow brother has answered his final call.  This time it hits a little closer to home.  Not only did he serve his community for over 40 years, 25 of which were as Chief, but he was a family friend.  You see, along with my Pappy, he was a founding member of the local fire dept.  I know he wouldn’t have remembered me if I saw him on the street.  Both because it’s been so long, and due to the horrible disease that stripped him of his identity and mind.  But you were a friend and brother nonetheless. My Grandpa spoke so highly of you.  He told me story after story of the fires you guys fought, and the fun you had.  Not only did you serve your community well, but you also defended your country as a member on the US Navy.  That you for all you have done Chief Louie.  God Speed my BrotherImage