Today, I got to relive a a terrifying experience from my past.  The National Registry Practical.  No, I didn’t voluntarily decide to retake it.  However, if I did, I’m sure I would be laughed out of the building for doing so poorly. (Street time changes your skill sets folks). Instead, I was asked by my PIC to serve as a patient for one of the stations.  I thought this could be my chance to give these prospective EMT’s a taste of what it’s like in the real world.  Being screamed at, cussed at, trying to maintain C-Spine while twisting your body through a mangled car.  But alas, I was the victim of a Right Tibial Fracture.  Easy enough.  Anyone can splint a broken long bone.  It’s one of the most basic of basic skills right?

Not so fast my friend.  One after another, they all showed that even the most basic of skills can turn out to be a challenge.  Some of them were WAY off on what to do.  Others, well, they knew but forgot a couple key points.  Now, first thought might be that either the instructor failed the students, or the students just failed themselves.  But I started thinking about it.  I was in that same situation on a warm Saturday morning almost 4 years ago.  I remembered how stressed I was. How I couldn’t sleep the night before, and the way my heart began to race as I walked into each room to do my practical.  And I started to feel bad for them.  All I can say is good luck guys.  This here is the hard part.  Crank this thing out, and you will be a part of one of the most rewarding professions a person can choose