I decided, with the help of a very important person in my life, that I was going to try this blog writing thing.  I can’t guarantee it’s going to be entertaining.  Heck, it might be better served as a non-narcotic sleeping aid, but I’m going to give it the old college try.

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself.  I was born and raised in small town Ohio.  I had the typical childhood.  Did a lot of bike riding with my gang of friends, was heavily involved in sports, and believed that girls indeed had the cooties.  My dreams consisted of hitting the walk off, World Series winning home run, while simultaneously heading up a large accounting firm.  High school came around, and my love for the books and the game of my dreams consumed my life.  Girls no longer had cooties, but unless they knew  how to throw a curve ball, they were useless to me.  

I got married, became the father of two amazing boys, and took a job at a local factory.  Not exactly what I had in mind career wise, but it put a fairly nice roof over my head.  Well, to paraphrase the late Luther Vandross, A house is not a home….especially when your wife (now ex) is a crazy drunk.  We parted ways, and I moved on to the next phase of my life.  In the time we were together, I had decided to follow in the steps of my dad and grandfather and sign up as a volunteer on the local fire department.  It was in my blood. And after the events of 11 Sept, I felt it was time for me to continue on the tradition.  I instantly realized why my pappy had devoted at the time almost 40 years of his life to this calling.  I became obsessed, and my T-shirt drawer became filled with various fire related pieces.

 I moved to a neighboring small town and immediately looked into joining there.  However, to run with them, I would have to do something I feared doing.  Become an EMT.  I wasn’t much for the medical side.  Fire had been all I knew for the last eight years.  So, I reluctantly went through with it.  Two nights a week, for six months. I kept telling myself the sooner I finished the class, the sooner I would be able to once again run into places that everyone had always told me I should be running out of.  About midway through the class, I started realizing it wasn’t that bad.  This EMS thing wasn’t what I feared it was.  Plus, as an EMT-B, I didn’t have the skills or the ability to push the wrong drug or give someone too much.  I wouldn’t have to “play God”.  That brings us to current day, minus a few years and some bad luck and decisions.  I am currently working for a small Private, and am preparing myself to begin the journey towards the NREMT-P in June.  I am obsessed about EMS now.  More so than I ever was with fire.  I am constantly reading blogs, picking medics brains, and reading up trying to soak in as much info as I possibly can. I have found no greater satisfaction in my life than being able to help others in their time of need.  Even if is something as simple as holding an elderly lady’s hand as she is being taken to get a bone scan done.  I might not be the best at what I do, and I don’t have years and years worth of experience and stories to tell, but I am starting towards that now. This is the story of that journey.  And I’m hoping you all will share it with me.