This past weekend, I returned to my FD roots and attended FDIC in Indianapolis.  I’m fairly certain most of you that may read this either were there, have attended before, or at least are familiar with the event.  This year was a little different for me.  It was my first year attending in a non-fire capacity.  It’s amazing how in just the little over a year that I have been away from fire, that all the little things that used to make me say “WOAH!!!”, and “Aww man that’s nice”, have little affect on me anymore.  Don’t get me wrong…I still got goosebumps when I walked up to that 100 Ft Aerial that was covered in Black, Red and Goldleaf, but my focus this year was turned to the other side.  The EMS stuff.  My mind was blown by a Defibrillator/Monitor, and I had an uncontrollable twinkle in my eye sitting in the back of a new Ambu.  

In all honesty though, the best part of the trip was being able to hang out with my Partner in Crime.  A name you all know and love. She is the big driving force behind me doing this.  She encouraged me, and gave me some great advice to get me started. And best of all, I got to meet her people. A few of the names you read and love.  Now, I won’t pimp them outImage, because I’m not sure what the etiquette is for that yet…but let’s just say that a few of them were names you all should know.  I feel official now.  Not only am I blogging, but I have been introduced to some of the greats.  Hopefully one day I can achieve half the respect they have acquired.  Be safe everyone!!